‘Achieving Zero Harm – Less Push, More Pull’

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Zero Harm has become the buzz phrase of HSE across numerous industries in recent years. In many cases signposting a hugely positive transformation in the way that organisations understand, manage and improve HSE performance.

As more organisations recognise that world-class HSE performance is now a critical business imperative, a Zero Harm ambition has helped them to change from just trying to prevent workplace hazards, to achieving a true cultural shift in HSE behaviours, and building a more sustainable safety culture.

For successful organisations, it’s no longer about the push, “this is how you must behave”, but much more about the pull “this is how we want to do things here”.

According to management thinker, Simon Sinek it only takes 15%-20% of an organisation’s population to change their behaviour to instigate real change in the whole of an organisation. But behaviour change around health, safety and environmental issues seems particularly difficult to create.

Even in organisations who are improving HSE performance, it is often an outcome of process/a campaign rather than an outcome of a strong and sustainable culture. Organisations with the best HSE process in the world, will, and do hit a performance plateau that they just can’t seem to move beyond.

Simply put, Zero Harm is about every employee doing the right things all the time. So, how do you move to a culture where caring for yourself, your colleagues and your environment permeates every decision and every action you take?

The first step is to create a genuine, shared, compelling context and vision for HSE. One that everyone has had a chance to contribute to and agree on. One that employees demand and expect simply as ‘this is the way we do things here.’ Not one that is imposed as a set of rules or controls on the organisation.

Conversations are key to creating that ‘pull’ from the organisation. Conversations that make HSE personal and compelling for everyone. Conversations that explore the difference in beliefs, attitudes and commitment among people and enable them to form a common mindset for truly world-class HSE.

We work with organisations to involve everyone in the HSE conversation. Enabling people to be part of creating the HSE culture they expect and want to be a part of in the organisation that they work for; a more sustainable safety culture where leaders and employees are accountable for HSE.

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