Helping to create emotionally-connected leaders at Specsavers

Kirsty_Walden– Posted by Kirsty Walden

For the fourth year running we’re proud to once again partner with the Retail Excellence Partnership to provide the next annual instalment of ‘Spotlight’ – the annual leadership programme for Specsavers’ community of Joint Venture Partners.

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Previous Spotlight programmes have been centered on topics such as how to be a great leader, developing high-performing teams, delivering service excellence and business planning and control.

This year, the two-day programme is focused on helping the JVPs understand their own personal strengths and weakness as emotionally connected leaders and to identify their development areas.

Following the best-selling book from Daniel Goleman ‘Emotional Intelligence’, further research from the last two decades has demonstrated the importance of emotional intelligence as a predictor of success for leaders. So this year’s Spotlight 4 programme explores what it means to be an ‘emotionally-connected’ leader and the competencies required (according to the RocheMartin Emotional Capital leadership model).

Over the course of a two-day programme, the JVPs are first introduced to the RocheMartin ‘emotional capital’ model and the associated competencies. Each JVP is then given their own personal ‘Emotional Capital report’ (provided by RocheMartin) in two installments, the first is based on a questionnaire completed by the JVP personally, the second is compiled based on the feedback provided by the JVP’s peers, their senior direct reports and their colleagues from their store.

Supported by coaches from the Retail Excellence Partnership, JVPs explore their reports in more detail and consider which areas of the report they’d like to work on further and ultimately improve.

The second day of the programme provides JVPs with the opportunity to work on a particular topic in more detail by attending one of three different workshops that puts the RocheMartin emotional capital model into practice (connecting with others, connecting with self and connecting with customers).

Throughout the programme the JVPs are supported through a range of materials and media including workbooks, learning maps, games, worksheets, personal planners and other innovative props that utilise tried and tested techniques to get great results.