Keen to avoid a ‘flaming June’? Check out the 50% discount on BB&A’s ‘Continuity Matters™’ training tools!

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 11.39.34– Posted by Mark Birch

For the month of June only, our innovative business continuity training tool Continuity Matters™ is on special promotion, with 50% off the price of each pack to just £190 – and with each pack containing enough materials to engage four participants, that’s less than £50 per head!

Continuity Matters™ is a new and exciting approach to building resilience through your people.  It is a scenario-based tool for Business Continuity professionals to use to: increase awareness and understanding across your organisation, engage different stakeholders, build the business case for business continuity, assess readiness in your organisation and run table-top exercises.


Using a case-study approach, Continuity Matters™ brings to life:

  • How Crisis Management (CM) and Business Continuity Management (BCM) fit together
  • The realities of what can go wrong if an organisation is not adequately prepared
  • The benefits of having a rigorous, standardised approach to Crisis and Continuity Management
  • The systems and processes which have to be in place for an organisation to be prepared
  • Good practices for planning for, responding to and recovering from an incident

In addition, this innovative tool can help participants to assess their current organisational / departmental and functional readiness, as well as help to identify gaps in your BCM Programme and take actions to close those gaps.  It can be used at any level in an organisation – from senior decision-makers to the people who make it happen.

Continuity Matters Part One       Continuity Matters Part Two   Continuity Matters Action Planner

Using highly-visual and engaging learning maps, Continuity Matters™ is designed to be facilitated by your own people with a comprehensive Facilitation Pack provided.  Alternatively BB&A is happy to provide an expert Facilitator to lead a workshop (day rates apply).

To take advantage of this 50% reduction, please contact Mark Birch on 01252 820812, or email